Iceland Winter Packing List

This lockdown I have been working and reminiscing of my previous travels, thinking of where I will go when it is safe. At the start of 2020, I stood staring up at Hallgrimskirkja as the church bells and fireworks rang through the sky.  That trip was my first deep winter adventure trip through Iceland (you... Continue Reading →

Reykjavik on a budget

Me enjoying a cinnamon roll from my favorite bakery (Brauð and Co.) in front of Hallgrímskirkja Back in September I was coming down off my trip high from 2 months in Europe and wanted to spend the New Year in a new place. So, I used my miles and booked a 2 week trip to... Continue Reading →

Washington Cider Craze

As the usually dramatic peak of Mount Rainier is masked by gray clouds and the tourists begin to struggle with their umbrellas, I am reminded that summer is officially over in Washington State. Despite this gloomy, stereotypical scenery that has descended upon us, there is a silver lining: cider season. Having lived in Washington for... Continue Reading →

Cooking Käsespätzle

The boiling water burst too close to my hand, releasing hot steam onto my knuckles. The cutting board and knife felt unnatural clutched over the vapers. Flo had made it seem so easy as he scraped the knife against the board, seemingly unfazed by how close his hands were to burning. I was in Freiburg... Continue Reading →

Sick in Freiburg

I could feel my throat becoming drier and scratchier, no amount of water helped. I wandered Faro and Lisbon while in the back of my mind I hoped that I wasn’t getting ill. I didn’t want to waste time laying in bed while I could be exploring. However, by the time I reached Freiburg, I... Continue Reading →

Eating our way through Portugal

First meal in Portugal (Faro). The steak was salty, but great! After our mad dash through Southern Spain, Kate and I settled for a slower pace in Faro. Faro is a small town on the estuary between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and the most southern part of Portugal. We were told that, typically,... Continue Reading →

Mad Dash through Southern Spain

Our hostel's rooftop bar where we spent most of our time in Madrid. I flew to Madrid to meet up with my Spain and Portugal travel buddy. We did not spend much time in Madrid, mostly I got incredibly lost in the airport, found dinner, and drank sangria at out hostel bar where I met... Continue Reading →


View from Park Güell. We did not buy tickets early enough to enter the famous area, but I'm told that if you go early in the morning then it's free to enter, something to keep in mind the next time I'm in Spain. After Mallorca, I flew into Barcelona to reunite with a friend from... Continue Reading →

Lazy in Mallorca

After our project, I had about five extra days of travel I did not account for, so I added Mallorca to my trip. I was going to head to Prague, but the heat had me craving ocean breezes. Changing my flight was relatively easy and I was able to find a hotel with a pool... Continue Reading →

Last Week in Germany

Castle Hartenfels in Torgau. During our last week staying in Leipzig, we decided to stop in Torgau to explore the castle which we drove by everyday to work. After debating the defensive pros and cons of the castle's bear moat, we roamed the courtyard and climbed the grand staircase (both of which are free) then... Continue Reading →

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