Lazy in Mallorca

After our project, I had about five extra days of travel I did not account for, so I added Mallorca to my trip. I was going to head to Prague, but the heat had me craving ocean breezes. Changing my flight was relatively easy and I was able to find a hotel with a pool on short notice.

Once I got into Mallorca, I was able to navigate the buses and end up at the right location (I have a tendency to hop on buses or metro going the wrong direction).

My time in Mallorca flew by. For the most part I took advantage of the wine, cocktails, and food that the hotel offered me as I binge read books that I had put off due to work by the pool. The hotel had an all inclusive deal that gave me unlimited food, wine, and other drinks, so it’s no wonder I rarely left the hotel.

I ventured to the beach once, then went back to the pool. As much as I like the beach, it’s usually more fun with a friend to splash around with or help watch your stuff.

The fourth of July passed with little fanfare here, I only remembered it after scrolling through Facebook and seeing all of the posts.

Though I didn’t really explore, I had a great time in Mallorca. I was truly on island time; the only reason to keep track of the time was to make meal times and be on time for my flight to Barcelona.

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