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Hi! I’m Hayley. Welcome to my blog, Oste-on the go, where I share travel stories and travel tips. People often ask where I am from, to which I respond, “originally or where I’ve lived the longest?” I grew up as a military brat and moved around a lot, mostly through the southern USA. I moved to Washington State a decade ago and fully consider myself a Washingtonian. Though I never enjoyed the military lifestyle, it did leave me with wanderlust.

After graduate school, I stayed at my university to work, I loved my job; I worked with amazing people and had great opportunities, but wanted to get away from the university life for a while. I traveled on breaks as much as I could, but never felt like it was enough; I felt lost. So, I planned a family vacation and found a summer archaeology job in Germany to get away from Washington for a while. I extended my stay in Europe after my summer job ended and realized I wanted to incorporate more travel into my life.

About the Blog

I started this blog in April 2019 to record my travel stories. For months, I’d be back and forth between the US and Europe for a family trip, work, and solo travel; the longest I’ve ever traveled. For the most part, you’ll find my stories and experiences, but I also share tips and advice on where I go and how to travel on a budget so others can travel and enjoy the places that I’ve been.

I used travel blogs to plan previous trips and wanted to contribute my voice and what I’ve learned. As a lifetime student, I’m always wanting to learn and improve, whether it be my writing skills or how I travel. It’s very different from the textbooks and labs that I am used to, but I’m loving the freedom that I’ve gained.

Looking out over the Ancient Forum and the Acropolis

Follow me as I to get out of my comfort zone, learn, and, of course, get lost! I hope that you can find this blog either as a fun read or helpful resource.

Always feel free to contact me with questions!  

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