Iceland Winter Packing List

This lockdown I have been working and reminiscing of my previous travels, thinking of where I will go when it is safe. At the start of 2020, I stood staring up at Hallgrimskirkja as the church bells and fireworks rang through the sky.  That trip was my first deep winter adventure trip through Iceland (you... Continue Reading →

Reykjavik on a budget

Me enjoying a cinnamon roll from my favorite bakery (Brauð and Co.) in front of Hallgrímskirkja Back in September I was coming down off my trip high from 2 months in Europe and wanted to spend the New Year in a new place. So, I used my miles and booked a 2 week trip to... Continue Reading →

Travel Tips

Tomorrow I'm heading back to Europe for some bioarchaeological fieldwork. While prepping for fieldwork and subsequent vacation, I've been thinking about helpful travel tips I've learned through previous adventures. Travel Prices First, I am a budget traveler, therefore, I'm always looking for cheap deals. Our family Europe trip in April was a result of me... Continue Reading →

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